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Buy prefabricated amber

You decided to order the amazingly beautiful semi-finished products made of amber? Take advantage of our offer. The company "Amber Crown" is pleased to present to your attention a wide range of products from amber mined amber factory in Kaliningrad region. We vouch for high quality of traded products.
What features has the amber prefabricated
This product is carefully sorted, allowing you to weed out the dross still at an early stage of production. As a result, experts are getting raw materials of different varieties. Travelers prefabricated amber assumes the absence of all kinds of impurities and cracks, which could reduce its aesthetic appeal and has a rich color.
Special attention is paid to the data processing of the amber pieces. Here we are talking about turning and grinding. So it turns striking balls and other items made of amber, which is a special value. At the disposal of the skilled craftsmen there are all sorts of high-tech equipment, through which the amber handle amber raw materials.
Finish solid resinous substance should be done carefully because of the strong mechanical impact can cause chipping, all sorts of damage and pozharov. Professional treatment allows to obtain balls and cylinders made of amber as well:
• pebbles;
• cabochons;
• tablets;
• plates;
• minarets;
• olives and other forms.

All raw materials are carefully drilled, allowing it to be used in the manufacture of all kinds of jewelry. A striking example is a cabochon of amber. It should be noted that the semi-finished products can have the different diameter. The greatest demand in the market are of the workpiece 8 to 10 mm.
To date, a variety of both transparent and opaque balls of amber, and amber prefabricated other forms mentioned above. This feature allows you to choose exactly the raw material that is required to create specific decorations. Take advantage of our offer, and you will not have to regret your choice, because the company "Amber Crown" delivers excellent amber semi-finished products at affordable prices.

It is possible to manufacture any semi-order if you for example don't want drilling and polishing this will reduce the cost of the product.
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