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PENDANTS from Baltic amber

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Pendants made of amber: the magical and aesthetic features
There are different shades of amber from light yellow to brown. In our product range you will find various options of jewelry. Purchase unusual items for yourself and as a gift to colleagues and friends. Before proceeding to the selection of pendants is available with a number of their features. This will help you properly use and combine products with different things.
The correct choice of pendant with amber
Prefer to wear colorful ethnic dress? Purchase matching jewellery in our store. You can buy the pendant with amber panels, highlighting individual items of clothing. Ornaments often combine with things in Indian, African, Egyptian styles.
For evening pick up along exquisite classic, vintage products. For the office wear, you can buy the pendant with amber without bright inserts and bright finish. In this case, the decoration should not be bulky.
Healing properties of amber pendant
Since ancient times, various peoples believed that the sun stone is able to heal the human body. The mineral helps to get rid of:
• Prostatitis.
• Disorders of the nervous system.
• Kidney stones.
• Eye and heart disease.
• Various problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
How to properly care for the pendants?
Want suspension that lasts a long time? Then you should learn the rules of its operation. In General, to take care of the mineral is not difficult. Enough to protect the pendant of amber from getting soap and various cosmetics. Before you take a bath, it is recommended to remove jewelry. If the pendant of amber there is pollution, clean it with a soft cloth. It is desirable to use a fabric made of flax or cotton.
If you notice that pendant of amber pale, you should Polish it with olive oil. Use jewelry in therapeutic and aesthetic purposes in relation to these recommendations. The question how to buy a pendant made of amber, I will answer experts of our online store. Managers will consult you about cooperation and order.
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